That Girl: Ariel Lin

This week's That Girl's Profile is Ariel Lin.

This week's profile is Ariel Lin from South Philadelphia. Philly fashion guru Catriona Whitehead tells us why Ariel is this week's "That Girl." 

What I like about this look.
To me, she looks so cool—and not just because she had the courage to shave half of her head. While buttoning your shirt all of the way up, without a tie, is traditionally considered a very nerdy way of dressing, she’s transformed this into something cool. The tight jeans, pointed-toe patent-leather loafers, and heather blue cardigan balance the nerdy-shirt. The skin-tight jeans speak towards her femininity. The loafers, a salute to Michael Jackson. The cardigan is clearly modern-day.

Where could this outfit be worn?

This outfit is everyday-wear; good for hanging out, shopping, picnicking, etc.

Where can you buy this particular look?

This cardigan can be found at such retailers as Banana Republic, JCrew, Target,, etc. The button-down looks rather retro, leading me to believe that one would find such a shirt at a second-hand or thrift shop (aka Attic, Plato’s Closet, Greene Street Consignment, Salvation Army, Second Time Around, Sophisticated Seconds, etc.). For this type of jean, I would recommend visiting Forever 21, Guess, H & M, Lucky Brand, Urban Outiftters, etc. For the shoes, Aldo, Nordstrom’s, Steve Madden, Target (though not as great of a selection is available), etc.

Style tip?

I don’t think I would change anything about this outfit. But, if you are someone who would like to feminize this look a bit more, switch the loafers out for a bootie with a heel or a wedge.


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