Thanksgiving Menu Made Easy

Getting together an entire Thanksgiving menu can be daunting -- not to mention time consuming and a little scary. What if your stuff doesn't taste good?! Not to worry -- you can relax this Turkey Day because we've compiled some of the best (and easiest!) Thanksgiving recipes. You'll definitely want to give thanks for these.

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Pamela Avalos
A perfectly golden Thanksgiving turkey is possible -- just follow Emeril's instructions and guests will gobble down your turkey in no time.
Stuffing is always a hit -- and no matter how picky your eaters might be, there is a variation of it that will satisfy their appetites. You could go with a basic version, or mix it up like Michael Chiarello.
Who doesn't love some smooth, creamy, delicious mashed potatoes? Make them hassle free and any way you like -- fat free, classic, with bacon, Mediterranean style and more -- with these great recipes.
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But hey, it's possible plain mashed potatoes might not be your thing. So try them with sweet potatoes or you could always go with a classic -- candied yams.
This green bean casserole from Campbell's is always a crowd pleaser and it's flexible - there are different versions so you're sure to love at least one. No one will be complaining about eating their vegetables with this on the table.
Karyme Martínez
Forget the jar -- make your own cranberry sauce from scratch with this great recipe. We promise it won't take long and will be well worth the extra effort.
For all your favorite Thanksgiving dessert recipes, click here.
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