Skip the Skinny Jeans on T-Day

The Three F's for Thanksgiving fashionistas

The three “F’s” associated with Thanksgiving are food, family and football. “Fashion” is not usually one of the “F’s.” However, there are some dress code considerations to keep in mind to do Thanksgiving right while still looking good and feeling comfortable. Here are four tips.

Dress in layers.
Baby, it’s cold outside. Last week my kids had their snowsuits and snow boots on and were making snow angels in a pretty decent pile of snow here in South Jersey. Of course, on Thanksgiving, it will be nippy getting to your destination, but once you’re there, chances are good that the house will be toasty. With the oven on all day and a house full of people, you may find you’re sweltering by 4 pm and will want to take off your sweater or sweatshirt. Be prepared and dress in layers.

Think big.
I would venture to say that most women (and men) have a closet full of clothing that covers a range of sizes. We have our “skinny jeans” and our “fat jeans” and a few sizes in between. I know I have been a range of sizes in my adulthood and have the clothing to illustrate my point. On Thanksgiving, be realistic! Reach for a pair of pants on the high end of your spectrum. It’s just the way the day goes: it’s all about food! You want to be comfortable while you’re stuffed.

Wear the Grandma sweater.
One of the “F’s” is family – Thanksgiving is all about time spent with your family. There’s a good chance you won’t see anyone you’re not related to, unless you stop by the Wawa real quick on your way to Aunt Mary Lou’s. Therefore, take the opportunity to wear that crazy sweater tucked in the back of your closet that was a gift from Grandma last Christmas or the Christmas before. We know you wouldn’t wear it in public, so go ahead and wear it on Thanksgiving and get credit for wearing it! Besides, once the room gets too hot, you can take it off to reveal your next layer, which leads me to tip number four….

Go green.
The final “F” is football. And while after Sunday’s loss it is a little tougher than usual to wear Eagles green, we must unite. This is a time to be thankful. Let’s be grateful that we live in/near a city with a football team. My husband and I lived in Los Angeles at one point, and there was no home team to even complain about. At least we have the Eagles to keep things interesting. With their first Thanksgiving home game in decades, they will need our help and our support. I’m not sure where I’ll get a Kolb jersey between now and Thursday, so I might be forced to wear my #5 jersey, bench or no bench. That’s OK. If the game gets ugly, I’ll just put my large, oversized Grandma sweater back on. By 8:15, I might be cold again anyway.

Erica Salmon is the creator of the online fashion game Fantasy Fashion League. She is a columnist for the Gloucester County Times, the Brandywine Valley’s The Hunt magazine and occasionally writes for Pregnancy magazine. Salmon lives in South Jersey with her husband and three kids.

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