Test Your Operating Skills

Do you have what it takes to save Ben Franklin?

Steady, steady, steady -- buzz.

That's how many of us found out we weren't going to grow up to be surgeons. But if you happened to be a pro at Operation, then here's the chance to win your title. 

Make Philly, Hive76, The Franklin Institute and Body Worlds 2, an exhibit of real human bodies that have been turned into plastic to improve the education of medical students and the general public, have teamed up to bring you something much less scary sounding than that -- an Operation Game Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 30 from 11 p.m. until 2 p.m.

The tournament will be at Franklin Hall. It will start with contestants playing the original version of the game, then four finalists will compete on the life-size Ben Franklin version that was made specifically for the competition. Oh, and you'll be using 2-foot tweezers.

Check-in starts at 11 a.m. All ages are welcome to test their Operation abilities.

The winner will receive four tickets to the Body Worlds 2 & The Brain exhibit, an exhibition catalogue and DVD and an Operation game of their very own.

Just be sure to keep those hands from shaking -- remember, these aren't real people, so it's all good.

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