Teen Driver Crashes into Manayunk Shop

Manayunk's Nicole Miller boutique was the unwitting recipient of a shop makeover last Saturday, when a non-licensed, teenaged driver crashed through the store's front window.

CBS Philly reports that a Cadicall SUV, operated by a fourteen-year-old male, came barrelling through one of the shop's large front windows in reverse. “I look and I see this car coming through the window,” said store employee Laura Hopgood. “It was like a blockbuster movie.” Thankfully, no one was injured, although a few mannequins have reportedly seen better days.

The Nicole Miller Facebook page expressed gratitude for fans' well wishes with the following message: "Thanks for everyone's support! We cannot thank our Nicole Miller friends and family enough for your love and kind words. We are thankful that everyone is safe! ...Don't let the construction stop you from shopping."

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