Technology You'll Want To Get Your Hands On

TOUCH ME: Besides being all the rage, touch screens are also super simple to use.  HP's Touch Smart 600 PC combines style and interactivity with high-tech features for a computer experience that goes way beyond your normal desktop.  Available at Best Buy, 9940 Roosevelt Boulevard, (215) 676-7206

STAY DRY: When it comes to beauty, Dove is always ahead of the curve. Their newest product, Dove Clinical Protection, provides 24 hour protection with a new formula that's dermatologist tested and with natural moisturizes like sunflower oil to help sooth and protect your underarms.  $6.74 available at Walgreens, 5627 Germantown Avenue, (215) 848-4651

TWINKLE TOES: Fancy shoes don't always need to come with a heel!  All Black's Sequin Ballet Flats are the perfect blend of comfort and high-style and will compliment everything from a pair of jeans to a LBD! $138 available at South Moon Under, 1731 Chestnut Street, (215) 568-2170

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