Tea with an Accent, and a bit of class

Sunday afternoon at Tea with an Accent in Yardley is set amid sparkling cider in champagne flutes, stemmed water goblets wearing linen stem doilies, sugar cubes and little tongs and white-gloved attendants. A gentle bell directs attention to owner Shari Titterton, who introduces upcoming courses and the teas she’s chosen for the day, both her own blends.

Weekends, of course, differ from weekdays at Tea with an Accent. Weekday patrons can select from among a dozen different menu ensembles (from about $7.50), while weekend diners can reserve for either the noon or 3 p.m. sittings to enjoy a chef-selected menu for $25, complete with a veritable tea tutorial.

And what great tea. I like the perky personality of Lily’s Delight (named for Titteron's Spaniel), pleased that each hot refill remains rich but mild, and leaves no aftertaste. The black apricot decaf is one of my top three all-time favorites (which is high praise, since I’ve probably sampled half the tea in China during several trips there).

Titterton enthusiastically makes time to respond to questions, tell anecdotes and offer useful tips. For example, any loose-leaf tea can become decaffeinated by brewing it a certain way. And your hostess will decaffeinate any tea on request and make other adjustments to accommodate special dietary needs.

And then there’s the food: Crust-less finger sandwiches (notably the chicken salad sandwich on raisin bread), a dazzling weave of cinnamon, smoked turkey on whole grain, mini-quiches and cucumber sandwiches, without which there’d be no proper tea.

Titterton’s scones are small biscuits on the sweet side, dusted with powdery sugar. There’s cream (i.e. butter) and fresh, light preserves on the table (if the confections on the lowest tier don’t dissuade you from adding such condiments.)

Triangles of chocolate brownie cake deliver a knockout punch, but I favor the lemon curd in a mini-pastry shell and seriously extraordinary petits fours.

When you go, make sure you try the signature salad and study the small, packed gift shop. Check the place out for special events, as well. And ask Titterton about the slop bowl.

Tea with an Accent
90 West Afton Avenue, Yardley, PA 19067

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