Taylor's Hometown Fans Give a “Swift” Response

In the aftermath of the wild incident Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, much focus has been placed on the reactions from various celebrities and entertainment bloggers. But what do kids from the country star's old high school have to say?

Swift briefly attended Wyomissing Junior and Senior High School in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Those who attend today have a heavy attachment to the star and understandably reacted strongly to last night’s event.

 “She worked really hard over these past few years to get where she is today, and just to have people embarrass her on stage was just appalling to me,” one student told NBC Philadelphia's Stacey Weaver.

Anthony Gregory, a fan of West was so angered by the rapper’s actions that he stated “I’m not listening to none of his stuff anymore.” 

Not all the students were outraged however, with one senior claiming, “I’m not really surprised. I’m not mad at him because Beyonce, to tell you the truth, was a little better.” 

The most interesting comments came from Taylor’s own father Scott. “Last night’s music awards was supposed to be a tribute to Michael Jackson and what Kanye did ruined all that,” he told Weaver during a phone interview. Mr. Swift also stated that he was proud of his daughter “for being able to turn around within minutes of the incident and perform like a true professional.” 

While he already apologized on his blog, West will get the chance to give a more formal apology when he appears as a musical guest along with Jay-Z and Rihanna on the Jay Leno Show Monday at 10 p.m.

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