Tastykake Will Live On in Philly

Recently, Philly's iconic snack food Tastykake suffered in financially dark hours, but today a Sunbeam of help arrived in the form of Flowers Foods. The Georgia-based bakery is famous for brands like Nature's Own, Cobblestone Mill, and, of course, Sunbeam Bread. Now, our hometown favorites have been added to the lineup, and will actually be getting additional distribution to the southern states.

The baking will continue at the new Tasty Baking facilities here in town, so that means Philadelphians will keep their Krimpet-making jobs, and we get to promote diabetes and obesity in our backyard, where it belongs. It's truly win-win. A word of warning to Tasty Baking Co.: Mess with the product line, and we'll kill you. We're joking. (No,we're not.)

The nitty-gritty is right here, but all we need to know is that Tastykake is safe, which means Matt Levin can continue to fatten us with his TastySlider, and Questlove can continue to pocket God's money for cookies. [The Feast]

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