Snail Tale: May 24 Is National Escargot Day

Celebrate the maligned mollusk with dinner at Bibou.

Yeah, yeah, it's Memorial Day weekend, but this Sunday, May 24 is also the highly anticipated National Escargot Day! What? You mean you don't have plans?!

We're not exactly sure who decreed that May 24 would be just the right day to celebrate the snail, but why not take a moment to appreciate these slow-moving suckers? Better yet, why not cook them in garlic and take a whole meal? 

Bibou, the teeny-tiny French BYOB that recently opened in the Italian Market, is showing their appreciation for the guests of honor by serving them for dinner. On Sunday, the restaurant will serve a $55 five course meal where the gastropods will be playing a starring role in every single course except dessert.

Reservations are strongly recommended.

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