Take Your Dog to the Movies

Put your paws together for man's best friend. Celebrate your four-legged buddy by taking him or her to a movie on August 12 under the Historic Shambles.

And what better movie to honor your pup then Beethoven? The flick about a fun loving St. Bernard who is at the center of a crazed vet’s plot to use the dog in animal experimentation. But with help of his loving family defeats the crooked vet.

The movie allows us to honor dogs while raising awareness about puppy mills and dog fighting.

Also attending the event will be Philadelphia Greyhound Connection, Inc., which is a non-profit organization, dedicated to finding retired greyhounds new homes.

Connection will be arriving at 7 p.m. with retired greyhounds that are looking for a new, loving family. The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society will also he bringing over dogs that need to be rescued. So if you are looking to adopt this is your perfect opportunity.

Chic Petique, a pet stop shop that sells all-natural foods and the high fashion clothes for your furry friends, is sponsoring the movie at the Shambles.

Your dog will be sitting in the lap of luxury at this event. They can rest their paws and enjoy a bowl of water and treats courtesy of Chic Petique. Unfortunately the treats aren’t for you. You’ll have to bring your own goodies for this viewing.

So save the date with your dog and get ready for a fun filled evening paired with education about humane treatment of animals and the importance of adopting.

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