Take the $19 Food Truck Tour

Food Truck Tour: Philly's Love Park Food Truck scene is offering a $19 tour of all four trucks, which is one hell of a deal. Get clicking and we'll meet you over there. [Living Social]

Levi's Hot Dogs: Levi's delicious dogs are available all over the region, and today $3 gets you two dogs at any of their locations. Click on the link to find out where you can grab a few dogs. [Philly Dealyo]

Sweeney's Saloon: $12 gets you $27 worth of food at this Somerton pub. We're big fans of pairing Sweeney's wings with a game of darts. [Groupon]

This has been the 11 AM Deal Report, our twice-weekly roundup of the best food and drink deals in the land. Got a deal you want included? Email it our way.

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