Taco Bell Truck in Philly Tonight

The Taco Bell Truck is making a stop at The First Unitarian Church at 21st and Chestnut Streets tonight to hand out free tacos. Chiddy Bang, a local Philly artist that is featured in Taco Bell's latest commercial, is being supported by the Mex-ish chain for their Feed the Beat Promotion. While tickets for the secret concert have come and gone, you can still get complimentary tacos before and after the performance from the Purple Beast, and that's what really matters.

While Taco Bell is highlighting a victory in the "fake beef" lawsuit on their homepage, we still have reservations about the percentage of particle board and sawdust in the proprietary taco filling mix. But, you should never look a gift taco in the mouth, so who are we to complain? [The Feast]

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