Suzy Woods: Beer Ice Cream Artisan

If you drink craft beer in Philly, you know Suzanne "Beerlass" Woods. She's at every bar, every night, slinging those cans of Sly Fox Beer with her spritely manner and raspy Kathleen Turner-esque voice. She started the In Pursuit of Ale women's beer drinking club, and won the Memphis Taproom's Mystery Beer Competition, where each contestant had to blind taste 33 beers and correctly guess which was which. She knows her stuff.

What you might not know, though, is that she is obsessed with making ice cream, and often times uses beer in her recipes. "I made 50 batches this year, with no repeat flavors the entire time," said Woods. "Using beer is a challenge because of the delicate balance between fat content and the alcohol, so be prepared for a lot of trial-and-error."

She showed us how to make a Key Lime Pie ice cream that featured Sly Fox Incubus Belgian Tripel and chunks of Key Lime Pie for Beer Week. "I know how to make great ice cream, but I don't trust my pie-making skills," said Woods. "So, instead of ruining the batch, I'm going to leave that part to the crew at Percy Street BBQ, who make an amazing Key Lime Pie."

You can catch Suzy Woods all around Philly at any of her events, and we suggest you stop by Percy Street BBQ for their Dinner in a Can event tomorrow night at 7 P.M. [The Feast]

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