‘Super 8' Monster Debuts

As a special sneak preview of this weekend's big-budget summer release, J.J. Abrams' Super 8, fans were finally able to see the super secret monster for the first time. So, what does it look like? We're glad you asked.

Take the agility and basic shape of a tarantula, coupled in an unholy union with the countenance and bearing of an Ent, utilizing a variation of the Predator communication method, and you get the idea. Into that mix, throw in a bunch of (pretty well-rendered) kids, a massive train accident and an Air Force commander who's plumb lost his mind, and you have a spoiler-free sense of the picture.

Our review won't come out until later this week, but judging by the positive critical reaction from members of the audience, the film should do okay. As @yogoldsmith put it, the 'secret' of the film is that "Abrams uses plenty of screen time to develop characters you'll care about."

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