‘It's Always Sunny' Debuts Bobbleheads

The cast of the hit TV show lends their likeness to a line of edgy, talking figurines -- with heads that bobble.

It's almost time, Philly! The new season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” starts in September and with it comes a heftier star and creator in Rob McElhenney, and a line of “Sunny” bobbleheads. But these aren't just any bobbleheads, they're special, very vocal and available for purchase on the show’s website.

The dolls feature each of the members of the gang in one of their iconic outfits, including Dennis in his infamous duster and Dee in her princess outfit from Charlie’s unforgettable musical “The Nightman Cometh."

In addition to the dolls hilarious and caricatured appearances, they speak. Each bobblehead (in typical “Sunny ” fashion) spits multiple quotes of varying degrees of inappropriateness.

It seems clear that with these dolls, the show’s upcoming season and even an impromptu rendition of the “Day Man Song” at this year’s Comic Con, the cast of FX’s hit show is working hard both on set and off to keep us laughing year round!

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