Summertime Food Savings

PYT: PYT is the epitome of summertime grilling fun with amazing burgers and alcoholic shakes. Today, Groupon is giving $16 worth of goodies for only $8, and it's burning up the internet as we speak. [Groupon]

Philly Flavors: Our favorite scoop of ice cream lives at Philly Flavors, and today, they're on sale through Eversave. [Eversave]

Cocco's Pizza: One of Philly's most successful pizza joints has expanded into Media, and they're enticing us to the 'burbs with a great deal. [Philly Dealyo]

This has been the 11 AM Deal Report, our daily roundup of the best food and drink deals in the land. Got a deal you want included? Email it our way.

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