Stray Bullet Nearly Strikes Sleeping Toddler

Police in Delaware County want to know who fired the bullet that landed just inches from a toddler's crib Sunday night.

According to investigators, an unidentified gunman opened fire on the 500 block of Walnut Street in Darby around 11 p.m.

Bullets spread down much of the block. One bullet pierced the bedroom wall of a nearby home and came just inches away from striking a 3-year-old boy who was sleeping in his crib.

Investigators say the home is located near Darby Elementary School. They also say it was the second shooting in the area within the past ten days. .

Police found several 9mm shell casings at the intersection of 6th and Walnut streets. Witnesses also claimed they spotted two men in dark clothing running from the scene shortly after the shooting.

"I'm really upset," said Janice Davis, the boy's great grandmother and president of the Darby Borough Council. "That was my great grandson. If he would have stood up, he might not be here today."

On Monday police officers went door to door, handing out fliers and asking for tips from residents.

"There's something going on in that area that we need to look into," said Darby Police Chief Robert Smythe. "Its very serious." 

Police have not yet released a detailed description of the suspect. They continue to investigate.

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