Stop Paying Too Much for Wine

Find a BYO with just a click of your mouse.

Who do restaurants think they are charging $5, $6, even $7 for a glass of that $10-a-bottle house wine? If you’re sick of paying too much for wine (especially in the city), grab your own bottle and let be your guide.

The website was recently launched by Philly-based company, DiningInfo with consumers in mind.

After some major research, they discovered that many people base their eating out decisions on affordability and whether or not they can bring their own wine. They also found that many restaurants with liquor licenses are now allowing customers to bring their own bottles, instead of purchasing one with their meal.

"This is good news for both wine lovers who enjoy bringing a favorite bottle of wine, as well as budget-conscious consumers," said DiningInfo CEO Devon Segel.

And finding these places is as easy as typing in your zip (although you can refine the search if you want to).

But the best part is that they don’t just tell you which restaurants in your area are BYO, they give you tons of information like corkage fees, cuisine, prices, hours and links to the restaurant and reviews.

Everything you need to make some major dining decisions in 10 major cities is at your fingertips. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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