Starr's New Beer Hall Now Open

We stopped by Stephen Starr's Frankford Hall—which opens at Frankford and Griard Avenues—to check out the Teutonic tastiness. For sausage fans, there are six different kinds to keep you smiling: Bratwurst (pork), Weisswurst (veal and pork), Krakauer (beef and pork), Kasekrainer (beef, pork, and cheese), Knockwurst (beef and pork), and even a vegetarian option. For classicists, there's a hot dog with sauerkraut on a Martin's Potato Roll. While the sausages aren't made in-house, they come from Illg's Meats in Chalfont, which is one of the regions best linksters.

Smaller bites are available, for those who are there just to drink beer. You'll find Potato Pancakes, Spaetzle, Cucumber Salad, and our favorite—the Pretzel with Obatzda, which is a rich cheese dip that we would spread on everything we own. There will be special "pretzel girls" who walk around with a wicker serving tray slung over their shoulders to bring fresh and warm pretzels to where you're seated.

Most of the goods are served from a walk-up counter, where guests pick up menu items that are ready to go. Plates that take longer, like the spit-roasted chicken and Jaeger Schnitzel, are brought to you.

The beer list is stacked with German classics, and will have dedicated lines to two of our favorites— Stoudt's Karnival Kolsch, and Dogfish Head My Antonia, a super-boozy Pilsner. The ping-pong table is going to be in the center of the action, and will be first-come, first-served.

We asked Randi Sirkin, Creative Director at Starr Restaurant Organization how they would handle the stray ping-pong ball flying around the garden, and she said there was no contingency plan in place. "We will deal with it as it happens," said Sirkin. "But, I am sure once the first fight is started over a ping-pong ball, we'll have a solution." In other words, play nice, or we lose the table. Like our mother always told us: "This is why we can't have nice things." [The Feast]

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