South Jersey’s Hot Food Deals

Thank you, SJ Hot Chefs


We know everyone loves to save money. We also know that everyone needs to eat and that most people prefer to do that in restaurants.

Which is why we are very excited to hear that the South Jersey Independent Restaurant Association, a.k.a. SJ Hot Chefs, is offering a special gift certificate program for the holidays.

For every $50 spent, guests will get a free $10 gift certificate to use at particpating restaurants -- just mention the promotion to make sure you get the discount.

It's the perfect gift to give, especially around the holidays because who doesn't love to eat? 

"A gift certificate is a great gift and in this case it is the gift that keeps on giving. Give your friends a $50 gift card and keep the special free gift card for yourself," said the President of SJ Hot Chefs Robert Minniti.

That's not such a bad deal.

So get out and enjoy the holidays at one of South Jersey's great restaurants without the hassle of having to cook and clean yourself -- and without worrying about breaking the bank before Christmas.

For a list of restaurants offering the promotion, click here.

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