Sorry Jimmy, You Just Don't Deserve It

The latest All-Star voting results came out Monday and Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins was no longer the top vote getter at his position.

Rollins despite a horrible season was the leading vote getter amongst NL shortstops the past two weeks.

So far J-Roll's stats don't live up to All-Star standards -- .217 batting average, .261 on-base percentage and .338 slugging percentage.

Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez (1,648,482 votes) deservingly jumped ahead of J-Roll (1,494,466 votes).

Deserving because J-Roll led NL shortstops in only one category -- at bats -- while Ramirez was in the top three NL shortstops in batting average (.328), OBP (.397), slugging (.518), RBI (36), homers (9) and doubles (21).

Rollins was probably riding the coat tails of his 2007 MVP season and World Series popularity rather than his actual on-field play. Heck, put the voting in the hands of the fans and we will vote in someone like Cal Ripken and Mike Piazza years after they actually still deserved to be All-Stars.

So as much as it might hurt to see J-Roll fall, it's only right -- he is no All-Star.

Two Phillies should be St. Louis bound for the All-Star game.

Chase Utley (2,922,796) lost his overall All-Star vote lead to Albert Pujols (2,934,794) but was still comfortably ahead of all NL second basemen in voting. And, injured leftfielder Raul Ibanez maintained nearly a 300,000-vote lead over all other NL outfielders.

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