Something “Terrible” is Brewing

Philadelphians are still dazed and confused after the Arizona CardinalsNFC Championship knockout punch on Sunday.

Sniff the resin salt, pick up the pieces -- it’s time to get on with life.

Philadelphia, there is no justification for the display of fan hood we will be seeing in the next two weeks.

As Eagles fans begin to recover things may start looking black and gold.

This isn’t an issue of Birds fans losing their faith (although this will happen like it has after so many disappointing seasons).

This is a warning -- beware of the awakening of Steelers fans.

Yes, as if Philly's dashed destiny season wasn’t bad enough, down comes the steel curtain on an already blackened city.

Its already happening, listen, you can hear the woodwork creaking as formally silent fans profess their lifelong love of the boys in black and gold.

Suddenly the mystery of the low-talking, Bradshaw-reverse-bowl-cut, Cower-stashed guy in the next cubical isn’t so mysterious anymore. He’s just another closeted Steelers fan.

Cover your ears from the Siren-like like cry of Steeltowners who think they can get love from their cross-state brothers and sisters.

The terrible towel will soon be clinched in every Chili’s and corporate bar that allows such blasphemy in Philly and, undoubtedly, even the hands of some terrible Eagles fans will wave the rag of hopeless surrender.

Those who think that the only link between these two teams, Pennsylvania, is some form of green light to climb aboard the bandwagon can ride the thing all the way to Pittsburgh.

In midst of the inauguration, this isn’t the type of statesmanship our forefathers intended.

So get back on your feet Philadelphia -- don’t let the taunting of the towel tools bring you down.

Although we will most certainly hear Steelers fans loud and clear, we can only hope the buzz reaches high atop City Hall to the ears of Billy Penn, too.

Maybe in good faith of an equal state Billy will cast the curse upon the land of three rivers. Now that wouldn't be "terrible."

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