So… What Do We Do Now?

What's next for getting out from under this mountain of snow

Things are finally starting to calm down in the aftermath of the storm. The city's Emergency Operations Center has been scaled back to a situation room, and the Snow Emergency lifted at noon today.

Vehicles parked on Snow Emergency Routes will no longer be towed. However, if you were unlucky (or a bit careless) and your car was towed, call 215-686-SNOW to find out its location.

Most airlines are now running their full schedules, with the exception of Southwest, which has canceled all flights into and out of Philadelphia International Airport today. The airport's two primary runways have been open since early this morning; a total of four runways are expected to be open by 1 p.m. Contact your airline or the airport (800-PHL-GATE or if you need more information.

The School District of Philadelphia will announce later today whether school will be closed.

Trash and recycling scheduled for Monday will be picked as usual.

If you see a homeless person in need of assistance, please call the Homeless Outreach Coordination Center at 215-232-1984.

Most of the ciy's major roads have been plowed and are open to traffic. Salting and plowing continue where needed, with a focus on primary, secondary and hilly residential streets.

Here's how you can help the big dig:

  • Park vehicles at least 20 feet from the corner.
  • Don't shovel or plow snow into the street. Doing so could lead to icy patches.
  • Drive carefully; black ice is expected to form on the roadways.
  • Clear a sidewalk path at least 30" wide within six hours of the end of the storm.
  • Clear snow from neighborhood sewer drains to allow melting snow to drain.
  • Dig out any buried fire hydrants.
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