Slow-cooked Ribs, High Velocity Veggies

Pros and Joes of both meat-eating and vegetarian persuasions will square off at Liberty Lands Park this Saturday, September 10, during A Full Plate Cafe's 5th Annual Rib Cook-off. In addition to pork ribs, this year's competition will also offer a "Vegetarian Quickfire." There is no word yet on whether the Top Chef guitar riff will play while the contestants get creative with produce donated by Greensgrow and other local gardening/farming organizations, but we are guaranteed that everything will be fresh and delicious. Gates open at 11 A.M, and for $20, you get to watch the whole thing go down accompanied by an endless plate of ribs. For another $15, the Philadelphia Brewing Company will make sure your beer glass doesn't stay empty for long. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Teens 4 Good, a local urban farming non-profit focused on converting vacant lots into produce havens. Check out the event's official website for a list of contestants and judges, and don't forget the wet-naps this weekend.

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