Skate Your Butt off with Robot Chicken

Balk if you love skating and Gym Class Heroes because this Wednesday the "Robot Chicken" Skate Party Bus Tour is hitting Philadelphia’s very own Jamz Roller Skating on Roosevelt Blvd. in the Northeast from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The animated T.V. series on Adult Swim is making Philly one of the stops on its eight-city tour.

The show is a sketch comedy that uses toys, action figures and clay animation to make fun of all that is pop culture.

You name it, they’ve dissed it. From their half hour "Star Wars" show to the 30-second video of the “Eye of Sauron” ("Lord of the Rings") getting an eyelash stuck in his eye.

Stars and producers of the show, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer and Matthew Senrich will all be attending and they are brining along Gym Class Heroes to do a live performance.

You’ll have the chance to skate your butt off and chill with Adult Swim’s finest for free. Of course it is a first come, first skate basis so there may be some line waiting. But “waiting in line is for chumps,” according to Breckin, so if you're a real fan, then buy their "Star Wars II" DVD you will find a voucher inside that gets you in an hour earlier.

Come shake your tail feather with "Robot Chicken," we are sure it will be a balkin’ good time. 

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