Singing Wheelchair-Bound Phillies Fan Gets Mildly Justified Ticket

This is Sonny Forriest Jr., a die hard Phillies fan and team “good luck charm” who enjoys serenading fans as they go in and out the stadium with his signature tune, “Go Phillies Go.” Well, police in Clearwater, Fla. weren’t so enthused about Forriest’s warbling, and Forriest told FOX they slapped him with a $118 ticket for it.  

He said police in Florida issued him a ticket for $118 for singing his song "Go Phillies Go" in the stadium parking lot.

Sonny says he'll fight the ticket and claims racism played a part.

A spokesperson for the Clearwater police said the department couldn't find a record of the incident.

I’d have been mildly outraged about Forriest’s plight. But then I watched the above video of him singing his song and… well, it’s awful. I mean, it’s really lousy. If he’s the team’s good luck charm, then no wonder the Giants beat the Phightins last year.

If you saw a person singing this poorly outside a train station with an open guitar case in front of him, you’d deem him a public nuisance, and rightfully so. So while I’m against the idea of outlawing singing, I’m not technically against outlawing singing like you have a bat stuck in your throat, and that goes for both Sonny and Rebecca Black.

I’m also dubious of Forriest’s racism claims, as bad singing is kind of a colorblind trait. And the fact that the police can’t find a record of the ticket makes me a little suspicious of the entire incident. Was he really fined for singing? Or was he poaching wild game on the stadium grounds? Did he forge the ticket? Those are all fair questions to ask. Personally, I’d rescind the fine if he promised to never sing again.

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