Shopping at Sugarcube Gets Even Sweeter

Got a sweet tooth for shopping? Trendy Old City boutique Sugarcube has the cure in the form of a rewards program. 

From now through the June 30, shoppers who spend their own hard-earned bucks at the fashion-forward spot -- whether on pristine vintage clothing or the avant-garde designer pieces Sugarcube stocks -- will receive "SugarBucks" that can be put towards future purchases. Spend $100 and get 10 SugarBucks, spend $175 and get 25. The more you spend, the more SugarBucks you get.

Even better, if you bring friends in and they spend $200 each, you'll be rewarded with 10 SugarBucks for each friend. You don't even have to buy anything yourself.

Earning credit for other people's shopping... what could be sweeter than that?

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