Shop Courtney Love's Clothes on eBay

In the past year, Courtney Love has attempted to make her stamp on the fashion world in a big way, from starting her own style blog called "What Courtney Wore Today" to commissioning an animated video on her style evolution. On the flip side, however, she's had some rather poor luck: She was sued over $114,000 of unreturned jewelry, and recently settled a defamation lawsuit brought by a designer over some of Love's tweets for $430K.

Her latest effort, it seems, involves selling some of her own clothing and accessories on eBay through her own store called Courtney Love Couture.

The wares run a wide gamut, from a pair of Christian Louboutin strappy heels to a gold Marc Jacobs dress to a metallic Chloe skirt. In an interesting twist, Ms. Love seems to have a fondness for dying garments herself: A vintage slip dress from her days with Hole was apparently "hand-dyed" by Love to give it a rosy tone, as was a Marc Jacobs slip dress.

As to whom is benefitting from the auction sales? It would seem it's Ms. Love herself. Some small text on each item reads that each item is being sold on her behalf, and that all sales are final. The store currently has 100 percent positive feedback, though surprisingly few bids: Of the 18 items on offer at the time of this posting, six had received zero bids, and eight others only had one or two bids. The item that currently has the most bids? The Marc Jacobs slip dress that Love apparently hand-dyed, with 12 bids currently topping out at $305.

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