Shop Bridal Hats With Indie Milliners

When it comes to bridal headwear, Jane Pincus and Molly Yestadt -- the New York-based duo behind on-the-rise topper label Yestadt Millinery -- take a fashion forward approach.

"There's really a style for every girl, depending on what you're interested in," said Pincus, walking us through how-tos for a range of hat trends, ranging from bird cages and fascinators to feathered bowlers and hair combs.

Yestadt pointed out that while shorter cocktail trains and hair combs may be more on-trend than ever, that the final (and most fitting) choice ultimately comes down to the woman that's going to wear it.

"Hats and head pieces -- and veils in this case -- let you have fun," said Yestadt, It's the element that gives you a little freedom to express yourself."

Shop Yestadt's handiwork by custom order or through newly launched Urban, Inc. bridal fashion site BHLDN.

Philadelphia List: Where to Find Hats and Hair Pieces to Wear to a Wedding

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