Teen Shooter Was Bullied by Victim: Sources

15-year-old brought gun as protection from older student

A 15-year-old boy who shot a 17-year-old fellow student on a school bus Friday morning had been bullied by the victim, sources say.

The 15-year-old brought a gun for protection from the older teen, who had a history of bullying the younger boy, according to sources.

The teen who was shot on his way to school is fighting for his life, in critical condition at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The shooting happened on the bus at 57th and Pine Streets in West Philadelphia just after 8 a.m., police said. Parents at the scene say the bus was in route to a school district discplinary school when the shooting occured.

Gunfire rang out after the 17-year-old victim got into a fight with a 15-year old, police said. The 17-year-old was shot in the back of the head just below the ear. He was rushed to the hospital and is in critical, but stable condition.

The 15-year old alleged shooter fled the bus and was eventually taken into custody by police at 61st and Cedar Streets, authorities said.  Police recovered a .25-caliber handgun on the teen's person.

The suspect is being questioned at Southwest Detectives.

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