Shivering While the Mummers Strut!

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New Years Day marks the beginning of 2009 and also showcases the 109th strutting of the Mummer's Day Parade.

If you plan to attend the parade, plan to dress warm.

High pressure will be in charge on today.

That means the sun will be bright but the temperatures will be frigid.

It's about 21 degrees this morning. Teeth-chattering wind chills are 7 degrees.  

Highs will be around 32 today. Strong and gusting winds are making the air even colder.

The winds will start out mildly strong, around 20 miles-per-hour.  But the winds will subside and wind chills will become less of an issue throughout the day.

Expect a high temperature right around freezing.

Tips on staying warm when outdoors:

1. Layer Clothing: Good idea to start out with a base layer like thermal underwear.  Ideally you want the thermals on the snugger side. Then add a heavier layer, like wool and/or denim. 

Be sure to wear gloves, mittens, scarves, etc.  Don't forget the hat - - most of our body heat is lost through our heads.

2. Drink Warm Liquids - Soup or tea would work.

3. Wrap Up - For added warmth, wrap your self in a blanket or shawl.

4. Huddle - Cuddle close to a loved one.

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