Sexual Chocolate

How far would you go to get some?

There's not much that is going to coax me into the cold today, not even the slim chance that I might catch a glimpse of the president-elect before he boards his slow train to nowhere. Yes, we can… but not in this weather!

The only possible thing that would lure me out from under my Snuggie would be, as Kramer so eloquently put it to George, my "dark mistress, the cocoa bean." Hot chocolate, you are mine!

The molten substance that persuades me to don triple if not quadruple layers must be worth the haul from off of the couch. I want the good stuff, the real stuff. Here's a rundown of where to find the best hot chocolate in the city:

Swann Lounge at the Four Seasons – I've made it!
Naked Chocolate – Why do I feel like I'm on line at a methadone clinic?
Rim Café – Does hot chocolate go with hoagies? Nearby Sarcone's is hard to resist.
Fork – OK, it's not really hot chocolate (their "Hot Eclat" combines Barbancourt rum and Bailey's with steamed milk to make it frothy) but who wouldn't welcome a buzz on a day like today?

Where do you go to get your fix?

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