SEPTA Passengers Stranded for 1 Hour in Cold

Passengers on a SEPTA train were left stranded in the cold for about an hour after the train broke down.

A SEPTA train heading from Philadelphia to Trenton stopped around 5 p.m. at the Holmesburg station due to a power problem, according to SEPTA officials.

"We waited inside the train for almost an hour before the conductor asked us to get off the train," said Zachary Steinbrunn, one of the passengers. "He stated they had another train behind us and that they would back the train we were on out of the Holmesburg junction station and the other train would pull in."

The passengers were taken off the train at 6:13 p.m. and had to stay out in the cold as SEPTA officials worked to fix the problem.

"We waited over an hour in the cold with no information from the conductors on the status," Steinbrunn said.

Three trains that were following the broken train had to turn around and head back to Center City, causing further delays, according to AMTRAK officials.

At 7:17 p.m., the passengers were picked up by another train and continued towards Trenton. The broken down train was also moved from the tracks.

"The conductor on board said that they stopped outside of North Philadelphia station and switched tracks to make it over to us," Steinbrunn said. "He said they passed 2 other trains on their way to pick us up. We made it home without further incident."

SEPTA officials have not yet revealed what caused the train to break down.

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