Selena Gomez Speaks on Being a Role Model

NBC10 was treated to some major star power Tuesday morning. Fresh off of her appearance at the King of Prussia mall, pop superstar Selena Gomez appeared on the 10! Show.

Seats were filled to capacity as Selena’s adoring fans watched her speak about her views on fame and her status as a role model. Check out some highlights from the interview.

On her hit single “Who Says”:

Who says is my anthem, personally. I think that within the twitter world and facebook and being in high school there’s so much negativity and there’s constantly people trying to bring you down, telling you that you’re not beautiful and telling you that you’re not good enough. “Who Says” was an anthem for me and now its really amazing that my fans can have that too.

On how she makes a positive change:

I think it’s my voice. I’ve been given a platform and I have wonderful fans and I have a great system on the Internet. I also like to encourage people, its just about your voice and being able to just want to help people around you. It starts with you and it just starts with one person then it spreads like fire from that point on.

 You can check out more highlights from the interview in the embedded video above. 

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