Seductive Scents

AIRY FRAGRANCE: When the full strength of a perfume is just too much, these light and delicate scents from TokyoMilk Parfumarie are just the thing.  They come in three three different scents like Sparrow, Eden and Honey & The Moon.  $28 available at Anthropologie, 1801 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 215.568.2114

BURNT TOAST: For those of you that like a little art with your breakfast, the Pop Art Toaster is just the thing.  "Burn" messages and pictures on your slice of toast to start every day with a smile! $34.99 available at Target, Mifflin Street, Philadelphia, PA‎, (215) 463-7311

GO FAUX: Everyone knows that the new fur is all about faux!  Juicy Couture's Bracelet Sleeve Jacket is perfect choice for a night out to keep you warm and feeling fuzzy all over! $398 available at

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