School Bus Driver Accused of Sex With Student

New Castle County police arrested a 24-year-old bus driver for “initiating contact” with one of his passengers, who is a ninth grade student. The two had developed an “intimate relationship,” according to police.

They met up at least two times at a local park where they went on long walks and engaged in "inappropriate contact," investigators determined. The most recent “hook-up” was in December at Robert Bollinger’s house.

Bollinger got busted after the ninth grader told a school counselor about the happenings.

The “contact” began in April of 2008 when the student was still in middle school. Bollinger would talk to the girl on the bus, New Castle County detectives said.

The relationship continued with text messages throughout the summer and into the following school year even though Bollinger was no longer her bus driver.

Police said there was never any inappropriate meetings on the school bus or on school property.

Bollinger was arrested Wednesday and charged with one count of rape in the second degree and four counts of unlawful sexual contact.

He was arraigned and committed to Howard Young Prison after failing to post $13,000 secured bail.

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