Say “Yes” to the Affordable Prom Dress

Consignment shop offering teens the chance to find that perfect dress for the perfect price

As any woman knows, one of first difficult dresses to buy is your prom dress.

Trying to decide between chiffon and lace or beaded or crystals can cost hours of time and sleep.

But, thanks to Growing Tree Consignment Shop in Kennett Square, Pa. the process of saying "Yes" to the dress is much easier.

Growing Tree is participating in a program to make prom dresses more affordable. Prices range from $20-$120 depending on style and brand.

“These prices are so low and they’re really original dresses that nobody else has so it’s really neat to look around and see them all,” said Amanda Reindl, a student at Kennett Square High School.

What makes this program different from other consignment shops is that Growing Tree is donating 20 percent of the money earned to the after-prom shindig of the girl’s choice.

If you're not in the market for prom dresses, but have a few collecting dust in your closet, Growing Tree will taking them until the February 13th deadline. The dresses need to come in good condition, cleaned and on a hanger to be considered.

As a seller, you get a 50/50 spilt with the shop for the proceeds after the consignment process.

There is also an option for the seller to donate some of the money earned to the after-prom party as well.

“It’s totally free, sponsored by parents of their school, we fundraise for the entire thing and it starts as soon as prom is over and lasts until 5 in the morning,” Carol Lowe, parent of a consignee said.

With the help of Growing Tree and local donators young women can rest easy that there is a affordable and unique prom dress haven in the area.

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