Save the Date: Shaking The Tail

Okay, whatever you do, don't panic! If you slowly turn around…slowly, slowly and without them seeing you, you'll realize that you are being followed. It's probably been for quite some time. As you move forward, you are pursued with every step. No matter how much you zig or zag from them, they remain behind you, causing you to be more diverted from your original path. This relentless tailgater "Your Past" seems to be catching up with you at a steady pace. So what do you do? How far do you have to go—to make YOUR PAST a distant memory?


Before you put the pedal to the medal, LOSE THE PAPER TRAIL. Do a little burn after reading. Start by deleting those texts from the Ex. File old emails in the trash bin. Then, for the hard copies, throw out those cards, i.e., holiday, birthday, anniversary, etc. Same thing goes for love letters and poems you've been clinging onto. Besides, you'll have less to explain, when your present partner stumbles upon one.

Next GET OUT OF PLAIN SIGHT. Put away any photos of you two and I really mean away. Either throw them out or if you are the sentimental type, bury them somewhere that they are not readily accessible. Hide them as if you'll need "The Da Vinci Code" to ever find them again. If not, those pictures of both of you smiling and looking lovey dovey will just continue to fool you, because they only represent the good times in your relationship.

Finally, slow down. You've been running so fast that you've lost your direction. Instead TAP those brakes, confront your past, and then wave Adios as it passes you by becoming history. MOVE ON.


Now that you're feeling a little more at ease after losing your past in the last alleyway it's time to shake another outlaw—emotional baggage.

Stop putting your old love on a pedestal. You obviously are not in a relationship with that individual anymore. You're only deceiving yourself when you reminisce about all the "golden years". Don't get it twisted, the thrill is gone! In fact, if that tattoo of his/her name you thought was cool at the time, becomes nothing more than an itchy rash, it might be a good idea to start checking out some cover-up options. Really moving on means completely letting go! Get rid of the bread crumb trail and get it together. Promise yourself you will stop comparing old flames with the new. Remember, they died out and were extinguished for a reason. Know that it's okay to shed a few tears, but when you start making Lake Erie overflow it's time to turn the faucet off.

Once you've conquered all these fears you then can glance into your rear view mirror with confidence. Simply wave goodbye as the shadow that's been haunting you drifts into the sunset.

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