Top 3 Gifts for that “Special Someone”

Unwrapping the Dilemma


1. Music—play it safe with an I-tunes gift card and let him pick the tunes. Just remember when he’s breakin a sweat at the gym most likely he’ll be thinking of you.

2. Micro Beers—a variety of beers where the brand name reflects his personality. 

Matt: That’s only IF he’s a drinker and doesn’t go to those “weekly meetings”
Steph: If he’s a little superstitious you might want to get him a Magic Hat Jinx or a Victory Hop Devil if he’s a little mischievous. Point blank—Get creative

3. Cologne—We agree: definitely stick to the one he wears, otherwise he’ll think you’re trying to change him. 

1. Wine Glasses

Steph: in the near future (emphasizing the word NEAR) the two of you can share a nice bottle of wine with your new stemware.
Matt: And if things don’t workout, you might wanna duck because they can also become really good throwing objects.

2. says “good books make great gifts”,

Matt: stay away from all Nora Roberts novels and any cover that has a shirtless, long-haired man resembling Fabio.
Steph: Have her put on something sexy—her thinking cap! You can always get her something to stimulate her brain especially if she’s into sudoku puzzles.

3. Basket of Guilty Pleasure—get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about her sweet tooth.

Matt: Hopefully she has a good dental plan
Steph: Stick to her favorites

If you’re head over heels for each other and happen to be on the same page, by all means…

  • Throw all these ideas out the window
  • Buy whatever your heart desires
  • Grab her under the mistletoe and go for it!!!

Happy Holidays!

Matt & Steph:
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