Save The Date: The L-Bomb

Save The Date: Week 10

Let's just say for the past few months, a lot more than the conversations have been heating up, in fact emotions are running extremely high. Surely it's that unsettling feeling you get when there is the anticipation of which side is going to strike first. 

Then all of a sudden Ba-Boom!!! You've just been hit! The L-Bomb has landed with those three little words—I LOVE YOU. What do you say when that person is staring at you, waiting for some type of response? It's too late for any evasive maneuvers. You're speechless! What is your next course of action?

After the effects of operation "Shock and Awe" settle, there needs to be some type of a counter strike.

Now, this doesn't mean you have to retreat and go running for the hills. Nor should you throw up a white flag and surrender. I promise, it's really not that bad.

At this point, just be honest.

If you really like that person who put their heart on the line, let them know that even though you may not be there just yet, it does NOT mean you won't eventually get there. Maybe it's that you need more time.

One thing's for sure, if the feelings aren't there and don't look like they ever will be, make PEACE and let go. If not, you'll only do more damage in the long run.

Of course if the feeling is mutual, then bombs away and knock more than just their socks off.

Whatever you do, don't start hyperventilating just because the L-bomb has been dropped. Stay calm. Nothing shatters a steamy romance more than a panic attack. Trust me, the earth will still continue to spin on its axis, regardless of whatever his/her response.

The key is to "detonate with care."

Don't be like Mr. Big in that episode of Sex & The City telling Carrie "thank you" and then stumbling out the door. Bad move!

For all the hopeless romantics—especially women, try your best NOT to express those three words too early.

Until you're prepared for your relationship to change direction, let nature take its course. How many of us can really say there is such a thing as love at first sight?

Lust at first sight is a reasonable explanation for that little flutter you're feeling in your heart.

Don't be in a rush to drop the L-word. It's easy to get caught up with the idea of being in love but it's another thing when it comes to saying it out loud.

Just remember that once you've launched the L-missile, there simply is no turning back!

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