Save the Date: The Friend Zone

Can you make the transition from the friend to the lover?

No matter what team you’re playing for, someone always ends up waiting on the sidelines hoping that one day they’ll finally be the superstar in the game of love.

You’ve been the cheerleader through good times and bad. In fact, you’re way over the “water boy” job of wiping those tears and trying to mend a broken heart because one more jerk took advantage of the person you can’t live without. Nobody knows him/her better than you. But how do you know if crossing that fine line of friendship will have the referee calling a time out or ejecting you from the game altogether? Can getting out of the friend zone survive the leap of faith having both of you coming out as winners?
In every game there are rules and in this situation, usually the heart winds up broken. It's that fear of the unknown that stops friends from taking a chance, and possibly seeing their buddy in a different light. Adding “boy” or “girl” in front of “friend” changes your whole perspective as well as how you act around them. They were the one you sought out for relationship advice or when things went south with your mate. Who do you turn to now when they become the topic of discussion?
Another thing you have to consider, is this just going to be a “hook up” or do you want to start a serious relationship? Because if your intentions are just friends with benefits, jealousy will eventually rear it's ugly head the first time they make plans with someone else. One will always get burned. It's never amicable.
Before some drunken hook up happens and you let alcohol become Cupid—talk about it. Feel each other out, not up. It will help with your game plan when you finally decide to cross the line of scrimmage. Otherwise it’ll be too late to call an audible then. You'll have to play it out. Remember, the possibilities are never out of your league.
Depending on your field position and fancy footwork, crossing the friendship line just might get you into the end zone.
Life is too short to not take chances especially when dealing with matters of the heart. Sure you may get a bruised ego here & there but what’s the alternative—spending a lifetime wondering if you could’ve been that #1 draft pick? I don’t think so! If the friendship has a solid foundation, it should be able to withstand a few blitzes, regardless if the feelings are reciprocated. Keep in mind, fear can keep a friendship but not a romance.
When we talk about dating & relationships it goes way beyond simply physical attraction. There’s something to be said about that famous quote, “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you’ve forgotten the words.”
Ready to get your head in the game for real? Put the wild card to the test because it may be true what they say, “Love is friendship caught on fire”.

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