Save the Date: Striking Out


This week we’re taking it back to the old school. Back to playground days when kickball was the game of choice. We all can recall not wanting to be the last one picked for the team. The dread of not being wanted nearly scared you half to death.

Could it be early on we’re conditioned to fear being left in the cold? Perhaps that’s why when it comes to relationships most of us panic or retreat at the first sign of rejection. No wants to be left all alone. We all want to be accepted in the game of love. So how do you know you’re the one being rejected and how do you dust yourself off to try again?

Of course rejection is the biggest downside to dating. We all want to be wanted. So what if you aren’t someone’s number one draft pick? You have to stay positive so that in the upcoming rounds, others will be fighting for you. You’ll be the dating game's newest free agent.
Start by stepping up your game. Sometimes rejection can be good. Develop an "I'll show you" attitude. You'll be much more motivated than ever to be successful and you’ll end up putting all of your emotions into something productive. Perhaps begin a project at work or at home.
Probably most of us wish we had the power to read peoples minds. Mentally eaves dropping on another’s thoughts would protect us from making wrong decisions and spare us from being hurt. Just imagine if you knew you had a sure thing, think about how much more confident you would be. You could just be yourself. There wouldn’t be any pressure.

But on the flip side, what happens when you find out in the beginning you didn't even have a shot? I guess a man or woman should know their limitations -- a wake up call that they may be out of your league.

Love isn’t a game of eeny meeny miny moe, however, down the road you may be happy that tiger didn’t catch you by the toe. How often have you run into someone from your past and realized how great it is that you didn’t end up with him or her! Looks like in the end they did you a favor.
Now I’m not saying that makes dealing with rejection any easier. It takes courage to put yourself on the line. Whether you’ve got the most confidence in the world or not kudos to you for going up to bat.
Let’s face it, you’re going to hit a few foul balls. For instance, if the person you’re interested in isn’t returning calls or is continuously blowing you off, take it as a loss and move on. Just don’t take it as a sign to sit on the bench forever.
We’ll all play different field positions at some point. Next time you’re the one doing the rejecting, remember how you felt when you were rejected. During off-season take a few trips or reconnect with friends. The ones who know you best will help get you through those rough patches.
One thing’s for sure, at times we strike out, but that’s what makes the home run that much sweeter!
This Week's Question: What's the best way to deal with rejection?

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