Save the Date: Make the Right Call

Whether it's 10 minutes 'til last call and you finally get the onions to approach that person you've been eyeing up all night, or you've been spending hours chatting it up with them and the conversation comes to a 6' 7" blinding halt and the lights go up and the bouncer is yelling "You don't have to go home, but you've got to get the heck up out of here!" that's your cue to ask for her number.

We know we said her. Who are we kidding here? More often than not, it’s usually the guy asking for digits.

She'll be more inclined to give you her number with expectations of you actually calling her. So, what's the appropriate waiting period to make that initial call?

Matt: Let's suppose it's the weekend, using Friday and Saturday as our timetable. (Unless you think the weekend starts on Thursday, and then I think the only person you should be calling is your sponsor.)

A bad case of the Mondays affects mostly everyone. So, Tuesday would be the perfect day. It gets her through the rest of the weekend and gets her in the swing of things for the work week.

Bonus, it gives you more stuff to talk about. Ask her, "How was your Sunday?" or "How is work going?”.  You might even mention a project you know she’s working on that week.

I would only agree to chat on Sunday night if you really did hit it off on that first encounter with good conversation, a lot of flirting, or maybe a kiss. Then go for it!

Steph: Definitely don’t hit a woman up literally five minutes after you’ve said your goodbyes, unless you want to send her running for the hills or dodging your calls all together.

Don’t punk out either and decide you’re going to knock the ball back in her court by texting her your number and telling her to call you up whenever she has a few minutes to spare. Bad move. We very well may be in a technologically advanced era where texting, e-mailing and Blackberry messaging are the way to go, but you worked for the digits!  So, pick up the phone, man up and make the call!

While I agree with Matt that Tuesday is your best bet on picking up the phone (or Sunday if you really felt like sparks were flying), keep the conversation light. Don’t be overly excited or anxious and please don’t tell a woman that you already miss her! You haven’t even known her long enough to say that without making her regret giving you the right number in the first place.

Also, if you feel like you’re running out of things to say, don’t be afraid to end the call. If the woman is truly interested, she’s not going to write you off just because you didn’t stay on the line for hours on end. Keep it simple, casual and light-hearted, and you’re good to go.

 Matt: In the end, when you finally make the call and you actually get her on the other line and not some pizza joint in Exton, PA, enjoy the conversation. But if it is that pizza parlor, simply order a large pie with meatballs and green peppers and "Bon Appeitie!" Looks like dinner for one.

Matt & Steph’s Last Call: We want to hear from YOU!!! If there’s an issue or topic that you’re dealing with and need a little guidance on getting back on the right track, leave your questions and comments below. Get the inside scoop from both sides so that we can ultimately help you Save the Date!

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