Save the Date: Going Public

It’s date night and you and your partner are at a very nice restaurant. Just as you’re about to begin the main course, you notice a couple across the room chowing down on dessert. The table for two is indulging in a lot more than chocolate as they engage in a full serving of foreplay. Your first reaction is to yell, “Get a room!” but instead you turn away in total disgust. Their public display of affection is way over the top and you’ve completely lost your appetite.

Now you’re thinking to yourself, “Should there be a limit on PDA’s or do people not care who’s getting a free helping?”


We all may have a bit of a sweet tooth, but when it comes to PDA everything should be done in moderation. There’s a difference between sweet, endearing things we do to let someone know we care and making everyone in a two-foot radius repulsed by your actions.

When you’re out and giving each other nonstop mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, it’s time to come up for air. Trying to break the world record for longest kiss? Do it where others don’t have to bare witness.

There’s nothing wrong with a little hand holding or cuddling, but when one of you starts taking that touchy-feely business to the next level, get that dessert wrapped and save it for when you get home.

Ladies let’s get one thing straight, heavy petting from a guy in public is not cute. Stop thinking to yourself “Oh he likes me so much that he can’t keep his hands off me.” Wrong! This kind of guy has absolutely no respect for you. He’s making you look more like you’re getting paid by the hour than having the title of being his girlfriend.

Take pride in the person your with. Don’t be scared to let the world know how much you care -- just do it in a way that won’t make others nauseous. I bet you’ll get major cool points for creativity.


In a perfect world, yes, there needs to be some restraint but it's hard to put limits on PDA.

Sometimes people get wrapped up in the moment and totally forget their surroundings. I, like everyone else, have been guilty as charged at some point in time.

Recently my experience was in a hotel lobby. Although we were just kissing, it was enough for an employee to pass by and say, “You know you are in a hotel,” obviously implying that they have rooms. Slightly embarrassed, we laughed and decided to leave.

I feel kissing is harmless especially the ones that only last for a few seconds. A good tip for how much is enough -- imagine you are the bride and groom in a church surrounded by family and friends and he priest says, “You may now kiss the bride.” Visualize how the crowd would react if you went into a full-blown make out session. The long gasps you’ll hear will help you realize you went too far.

Also, watch the hands. Keep them to holding. If the hands start roaming and you’ve got cheesy 70s porn music playing in your head, it’s your cue to take the adult entertainment behind closed doors.

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