Save the Date: Degrees of Separation

During the interview process, you sit across the table, a little nervous sharing your strengths and weaknesses. You go over your references, discuss your goals in life and explain where you see yourself in the future.  In the beginning everything sounds impressive as you work your magic trying to win them over. Suddenly they get to your educational background. Who would’ve thought your decision long ago—not to pursue a higher education after high school and join the workforce, may not be enough to achieve the high standards that significant other is looking for. Now in some cases, it may not land you your dream job, but here in the dating world it may stop you from finding your mate. Can not having a Bachelor’s keep you eternally as a bachelor or bachlorette?


Yep, this is something your guidance counselor definitely overlooked. At the time, even he wouldn't have thought it would somehow affect your marital status. Most careers, not a job—huge difference, require some level of education beyond high school. But it doesn't necessarily have to take the college route. Some may have achieved their success at the bottom and worked their way up the corporate ladder, getting the best hands-on work experience along the way. That’s an education that can’t be found in the classroom.

Now it doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to know that stupid is just not attractive, but you can’t measure a person’s intelligence if they didn’t go to college. Bill Gates is the most famous college drop out on the planet! He's a freak'n genius and not doing too shabby with his life. Granted he does throw the whole sex appeal thing out the Microsoft window.You have to look at the person and ask if they love what they do. Are they passionate when they speak about their work? Talent, skill and experience will outweigh anything you hang up on that wall.

Kenny Rogers said, “If you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life.”

Come on you can't argue with the Gambler. So wise up and don’t put the “a-s-s” in associate. Sometimes getting a B.S. can just simply be BS.


Every job description has specific requirements, so if having a degree is one of them, then certain applicants need not apply. Now before you write me off with a rejection letter, consider the exceptions to the rule—the world is full of them.

Take inventory of what really matters. We all have certain things that attract us to other people, whether it’s style of dress, hobbies or education. In fact most of our I.Q’s—“Interpersonal Qualities” either makes that person unable to live without you or simply run for cover. Don’t kid yourself because I.Q. does matter!

Who cares that you didn’t pursue higher education, marketing is everything. People don’t walk around with their degrees on their chest. It’s not like you automatically know who did or didn’t go to Harvard. And you can’t carry a chip on your shoulder just because you didn’t get that other diploma—it’s not the only sales tool.

Take a lesson from the school of hard knocks. Diamonds are diamonds because of the journey they took beginning as coal. The same is true when it comes to relationships. When you find a mate who has a true sense of who they are and can work with it, you have discovered one of the most priceless jewels in the world.

Willing to take a chance on LOVE without a degree? Instead of walking down the isle at graduation, the ceremony of a lifetime just might be in the works for the two of you.

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