Save the Date: Cover Story

How many times have you found yourself walking down the aisle at Barnes & Noble passing up some potentially good reads? Next thing you know, that novel that seemed a little boring on display turns out to be a best seller! We all have a habit of thinking we know someone before we have the opportunity to really check them out. You’re guilty as charged—judging a book by its cover! We think we’re good readers, but sometimes our actions contradict our desires making you illiterate to the dating scene. Perhaps if you took the time to delve into one of those chapters a little more, it might be quite the eye opener.


The Cliff Notes version here is that the “Eyes Have It”. We are all stacked on the shelf, hoping for someone to open us up. The sad truth is we all have a type that grabs our attention. If the dating world were a library, there would be sections we wouldn't bother to look.

Maybe your thing is that you’re into challenges like mysteries! Something unpredictable that will keep you guessing through every plot, twist and turn of the page. Perhaps you are just not into nonfiction, because it doesn't leave anything to the imagination. What ever you are a fan of, don't change.

Now-a-days, time is so precious causing you to be a little more selective. You don't want to get burned like you did in the past when rave reviews and word of mouth didn't live up to the hype. Come on, did you think "The Da Vinci Code" was that good? On paper it seemed like a good concept, but it just didn't translate well in the end. Like any story I guess, it is still based on interpretation. We all get something different out of it.

Ultimately, we are all looking for a happy ending. And, not that type of "happy ending," but a tale that we can later put into the History books.


Of course we all have our favorites in the dating library. Who hasn’t strolled down the aisle when something caught your eye, enticing you to take a closer look? But that’s just it! We might stumble upon that breathtaking book cover, that lures us to a new fascination. What seems to be appealing to the senses at first glance, simply means you have to be willing to actually open the book and R-E-A-D!

Okay, okay, so you might be able to get away with a little skimming. The point is, be willing to get lost in a new adventure. Let’s face it, if that addiction to your old selection isn’t working out and you find yourself alone, it’s definitely time to consider a new love database.

Don’t pre-judge. Stop turning up your nose just because the slightest character flaw you discover makes you want to do a complete 180. You’ve got to give the storyline a chance.

You may not be a serious critic but you have to look beyond the cover. Who knows, you just might find yourself writing a love story of your own!

Do you have a dating dilemma? Send Stephanie and Matt your story and questions and you may be featured on the next installment of Save the Date.

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