Saget Gets Down & Dirty on Stand Up, Hoagies

Stand up comic brings his raunchy show home.

Who says you can’t come home?

Bob Saget is literally coming home Thursday night when he brings his raunchy stand up to the Keswick Theater in Glenside, Pa.

Saget, a Philly-native who attended Abington High School and Temple University, remembered many fond places and things from his youth.

“I used to work the deli counter at Cedarbrook Mall,” Saget said. He also mused about wanting to pick up a Lee’s Hoagie before heading to the show.

Not only does the man know his food but he owes his entertainment roots to the area. He started doing stand up at 17 years old and honed his act while at Temple. He even once worked as an intern at the Mike Douglas Show.

“Coming home is an emotional thing.”

But, don’t expect Saget to cry onstage or anything. He is too busy telling dirty jokes.

If you catch his act don’t expect the wholesome father image Saget honed on “Full House.” Saget lost the wholesome image of Danny Tanner a long time ago thanks to his cameo in the Aristocrats and his stand up rants.

“I’m like an R-Rated 15-year-old boy on stage.”

Playing to his home crowd isn’t all that different than playing anywhere else, he said. With one major exception -- the 100 or so people backstage.

The best part about where Saget is in his career is that he only does things he loves, he said. If it’s not “fun and healthy” than I won’t do it, he said.

He also wanted to make sure everyone keeps an eye out for his new A&E show due out next year where he explores American subcultures.

“I just finished filming an episode about mail order brides.”

Now that should be interesting.

Some tickets still remain for Thursday’s performance and can be bought online.

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