Safe Surrender Draws Thousands

A total of 2,000 fugitives turned themselves in during Camden’s first-ever Safe Surrender from Wednesday, November 19 to Saturday, November 22. An estimated 1,000 of those people showed up on the third and final day of the program, according to an article on

Fugitives hiding from the law in any county in N.J. were able to safely surrender this week at Antioch Baptist Church in Camden. And, by “Safely” surrendering the New Jersey State Parole Board (NJSPB) means fugitives can surrender “peacefully” in a “neutral setting.”

The U.S. Marshals Service supported by the NJSPB and partner law enforcement agencies at the Federal, State and local levels bred the idea of a safe and surrender in Camden after it worked so well in other states.

Camden is the 12th city in the country to host a Safe Surrender,

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