S. Philly Food Co-Op Taking Members

As of today, June 6, The South Philly Food Co-Op is now accepting applications for member-ownership. This intial funding from dues will be used to perform a market analysis and cover the costs of obtaining a storefront. This is great news for all of us who have gone the CSA route only to find that it's extremely difficult to eat, let alone store, that much lettuce. The total equity investment per household is $200, and it can be paid at once or by installment. For you political and/or leadership types, there is also an opportunity to run for the board of directors, which will be elected on June 29. Says Steering Committee Chair Alison Fritz of this milestone, "We're excited to welcome new members and look forward to engaging them in the governance of the co-op either as board members or on one of the many committees. These first committee and board members will have input into a lot of the crucial early decisions such as store location and product mix." Sounds like a great opportunity to bridge the gap between captain of industry and gentleman farmer.

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